Instructor David Woods

Unique Skill and Philosophy
Owner / Instructor "Dave" is the only Master of Kung Fu San Soo actively teaching in Bakersfield.  He is a certified instructor in Krav Maga through ICSU.  Dave has trained extensively in many other martial arts including Brazilian JiuJitsu, MMA, Judo, etc., to ensure that he provides the best self-defense training possible.
Teaching Since 1998
Not only has Dave taught at his own martial arts school, but has been contracted by several organizations on an ongoing basis as a self-defense instructor.  He also trained and taught at the Shaolin Temple!  Dave has worked with charity organizations, law enforcement, schools, etc.  His experience as an instructor ensures that you receive quality training, not just a good workout.
Meet Dave Today
Dave can almost always be found at the school at 2505 Alta Vista Dr during normal class times.  He is polite and will greet you with a smile.  No high pressure sales!  If you want to ask him questions, you may also call or text 472-1884, or contact him on Facebook (Dave Woods or Bakersfield Elite Martial Arts)

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