Known simply as “The Dojo” when it first opened in downtown Eugene in 1988, Best Martial Arts Institute has since established itself as a respected part of the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon community. Under the guidance of Sensei Alan Best, the institute offers training programs in a variety of disciplines for martial artists of all skill levels. From hosting seminars with world-renowned masters, to holding sleepovers for kids; Best Martial Arts Institute is a place where teachers and dedicated students pursue the martial arts with a passion. We train with intensity, sincerity, humility, joy, and a bit of humor to lighten the way.

When The Dojo opened, Sensei Best had just spent six years completely immersed in martial arts training as an uchideshi (apprentice). He was regularly training over six hours a day. He was prepared to open his own school and believed that, if martial arts was truly the correct path for his life, he should be able to find success anywhere. If not, he should do something else. Ready for the challenge, he dropped a finger on a map and landed in Eugene.

The Dojo in downtown Eugene – 1988
With a group of nine students in the first month and only two classes a week to teach, Sensei Best had the dojo up and running! Now in its 31st year, BMAI has four complete martial arts programs, the largest and most experienced teaching staff in the area, the biggest training facility in Eugene, and over 50 classes a week on the school schedule.

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