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Hi, my name is Blayne. Growing up I was always the kid who people would joke and say that If I turned sideways that I would disappear. I grew up being the skinny twig kid who played sports and always got hurt because I was to skinny. I graduated high school at 5-10 and weighed only 135lbs, but I had a desire to play basketball on a higher level, and to do that I knew I had to bulk up. Through nutrition and exercise I bulked up to 190lbs over the coarse of a 7 month period, only to lose a lot of it 7 months later due to a sports bulging disk in the center of my back and 2 knee injuries. I understand how injuries can have a huge effect on your nutrition and fitness! I may no longer play basketball on a higher level, but maintaining that physique has always been a priority to me, I love sports and sports have always played a huge factor in my personal growth and training!

What to Expect

Your sessions are centered around YOUR goals, and with that comes a fully customized program. A typical training session will consist of Warm-up, 2-4 circuits with 2-4 exercises in each circuit, and a simple cool down and stretch; I also provide "homework" or exercises and stretches that you can do outside of a session to improve your results! I stress 3 important things when it comes to training: Form, Mentality, and Nutrition; its those three things that determine how successful you can and will be!

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