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Current Owner/Head strength coach at Spindell Barbell club Lowell, MA.

Aside from formal education, BS (exercise science, fitness/nutrition from Florida State University), football has had a significant impact on my role and experience as a strength coach. My career began as a wee lad bumbling around on the pop warner field, and extended into high school, college (FSU), And eventually semi-pro league (NEFL), with the Lowell Nor’Easters. Due to the high physical demand and my burning desire to always be a step ahead of my competitor I have always pushed myself in the gym. I worked diligently to develop the best programs that will result in a bigger, faster, and stronger me. With failures came revisions and corrections. These improvement after years and years of trial and error in conjunction with my thirst for knowledge resulted in a highly genuine style and approach to lifting and strength training.

The ability to connect and communicate with people is very important to me. I have built strength in motivating my clients to be comfortable within the walls of my gym and persistent with my program. A strong sense of unity and comradery has developed over time among my clients and I as well as themselves. Although it is an individual journey that you need to hold yourself accountable for, SSC provides a sense of support that will further inspire you.

What to Expect

Periodized program, balanced and timed with precision to provide optimum results across a broad spectrum of physical abilities from mobility to strength to muscle tone.

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NSCA Certified

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