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Welcome to Boulder Ki Aikido—a peace-focused martial arts Boulder CO dojo. We train the human spirit through the practice of Mind-Body Aikido and Ki Development.

Boulder Ki Aikido
Our peace-centered martial arts Boulder CO dojo offers:
Child-Parent Ki Aikido Classes (ages 4–6 & 6–9) | For children and their parents. Parent participation is highly encouraged, but not required.
Children’s/Child-Parent Ki Aikido Classes (ages 9–12) | Parent participation is optional. Parent participation is highly encouraged, but not required.
Ki Aikido Classes for Teens (ages 13–18)
Ki Aikido Classes for Adults (ages 13+)
Japanese Yoga (aka Ki Development Classes) for Adults & Teens (ages 13 and up)
{ ki aikido martial arts boulder co }

What is Ki Aikido? Or Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?
The Spirit of Aikido Budo – Harmony
Aikido is a traditional, non-competitive, Japanese martial art meaning “the way of harmony with universal energy (ki, prana, chi).” Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, meaning “mind-body-unified”Aikido (aka Ki Aikido), explores the state of mindbody union through graceful, dynamic self-defense movements. Instead of responding to conflict with muscular force, Ki Aikidoists use ki and respect the training partner’s energy. By flowing with it and converting the attack into a pin or a roll, the practice results in a positive experience for both participants. Ki Aikido is beneficial for everyone regardless of size, age, gender or physical ability.

Ki Aikido in Daily Life
Aikido practitioners observe their everyday lives are deeply enriched by the calmness and inner strength developed through the practice of Aikido.

Going beyond the advantage of learning to defend yourself, Ki Aikido helps you function more positively in your everyday world, to build confidence, raise your level of physical fitness, as well as safely handle conflicts and other difficult situations.

The more we practice, handling confrontations becomes second nature. By embodying the principles of Ki Aikido in daily life, we lessen the need for the physical combat skills of Aikido outside the dojo. The diligent, consistent study of Ki Aikido leads to a vigorous, confident, and spirited way of life.

What is Japanese Yoga/Ki Development?
Ki (Chi/Prana) in Daily Life
When applied to business and personal life, the skills learned in our Ki Development classes can bring about a sense of centeredness that empower you to deal positively with everyday life. Also known as Japanese Yoga, this form of dynamic meditation focuses on bringing about the union of mind and body: a calm, relaxed state that can be maintained in action and at rest.

Many of the Ki development techniques taught in class can be practiced and beneficially applied in the normal course of daily living. Being aware that the study and practice of Ki Development need not be confined to the dojo will enhance your progress and the benefits you obtain.

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