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Hi, my name is Charles. I am a passionate fitness enthusiast who prides himself on maintaining a healthy and strong body. I graduated from the University of Michigan in biopsychology and I apply the knowledge and principles I have learned from my coursework and various research endeavors into my nutrition, health, and workout regimens. Currently I am looking to further increase my fitness level and am seeking further motivation by also tapping into my passion for training others who are looking to improve their bodies and overall fitness/health. I hope to be able to develop strong bonds with my clients and eventually build up a network to help progress my fitness goals and my other career pursuits. I strongly believe health and fitness is integrally interwoven with success in any career pursuit.

What to Expect

A client can expect to be put through a rigorous yet cerebral training session every time we meet. I will be sure to keep form strict, weight manageable, and movement smooth. I also will put emphasis on some more functional training which includes static stretching after workouts and light stretching/loosening up before. I strongly believe in a training philosophy where the client trains in a manner which prevents injury and improves physique/fitness. In this manner, clients will have longevity in the gym and continued health and fitness.

  • 500 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104, United States of America

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