About Me

Hi, my name is Chris. I’ve been working as a personal trainer for more than 20 years. I’ve actually worked with athletes in various sports (baseball, basketball, mma, track & field, volleyball, wrestling) and have helped them overcome injuries, get stronger, improve performance, gain muscle, and lose body fat. But I’ve also done the same for the average everyday person. My specialty is fitness transformations, but I use my academic background to apply the rules discovered via science to help create strategies for my clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.
Personal Trainer Oklahoma City OK

What to Expect

It’s different for everyone. Some people need to be pushed. Others need to be reeled in.

I Speak Fluently in These Languanges
  • English
How Many Years Have You Been Training?


How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


Preferred Skills Level

First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

My Certifications

NASM Certified, NESTA Certified, NSCA Certified

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