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I want to train you! We won't do any "exercises", instead we build you a better body through an exciting workout regimen on the Heavy Bag. I will take you through 10 "rounds" of 5 minutes, with a one minute rest in between. It will strengthen all of your muscles, your core, burn tons of fat, and at the same time teach you a worthwhile and enjoyable life skill: defending yourself. I designed a "workout system" that is made up of 12 workout programs that get rotated through. You will be practicing over 50 different combinations of punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes, and all sorts of fun stuff as you go thru the System. It is perfect for anyone from the college student and single mom all the way up to professional athletes; this program simply rocks! You cannot outgrow it, and it never becomes boring or stale.

I started personal training by getting certified by the International Sports Science Association in the mid 1990's. I specialized in training people in proper weight training with free weights and machines. Then in 2005, I opened up a gym called "L.A. Boxing" which specialized in boxing, muay thai kickboxing, and weight lifting. This gym franchise then became "UFC GYM". After selling the franchise I moved to Greenville and continued on perfecting a "Workout at Home" exercise regimen focusing on Kickboxing using the heavy bag.

I designed the system just for myself, but soon discovered it was awesome at training clients. People loved it so much that I stopped doing any other type of training and focused 100% on my Kickboxing Private Lessons. My main passion is to turn "non-exercisers" into "exercisers", and I love working with beginners, overweight, and those struggling and needing an awesome life change. I can certainly help provide that, and you will love it! Don't count yourself out: kickboxing is for YOU! Its my job to make you a believer!
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What to Expect

My personal training program is completely unique. I have a special system that uses kickboxing on a heavy bag as the core focus of our training sessions. My sessions are fun, great stress relief, burn fat, increase muscle tone and strengthen bones, strengthen abs and core, give you athleticism and coordination, increase your cardio-respiratory function, and you learn a valuable skill at the same time. Each session lasts about an hour. Each session follows the same format or "outline", but the specifics of what we do during that format varys from session to session. We also start out with easy flexibility/stretching to ease you into the workout and get you in the mood to train. It also helps prevent injury by making sure all of your limbs can move without binding, catching, or pulling.

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