The mission of the club:

Promote physical activity and Taekwondo practice in children and adults. The community-based approach provides reduced rates for families and individuals interested in improving their physical condition.



It is also an Olympic discipline. His regular practice builds confidence, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  It is at the same time an effective system of self-defense.


It is part of the martial arts of typing. As such, he distinguishes himself from other styles  by the importance he gives to elaborate kicking techniques and by the height and sequence of strokes performed with the legs and feet.


The Taekwondo creed:

Discipline, respect for others and perseverance are human values ​​that are part of the learning of this martial art.


The followers are used to reciting the creed before the beginning of their course to remember the important values ​​which underlie the practice of this discipline and to remember certain qualities that they should tend to cultivate:



Stretches and flexibility:

Coaches are inspired by the techniques taught at the Motion Yoga Studio. This approach  develops strength, posture, flexibility, balance and endurance. It is a modern, safe and effective m

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