Denton Taekwondo Academy is a full time martial arts school. We've been offering classes in traditional taekwondo in Denton, Texas for over 30 years. We stress safety, respect and excellence in our training. We can make you into a black belt!

Through martial arts, children, teens and adults learn self-defense, self-discipline and self-confidence. Denton Taekwondo Academy students apply these skills to school, hobbies, careers and continuing education. This isn't just "karate lessons" but life lessons. Other benefits include increased fitness, flexibility and fun.

The instructors at Denton Taekwondo Academy teach traditional taekwondo, period. We do one thing, we do it extremely well, and we do it six days per week. In fact, we offer the most classes each week of any martial arts school in Denton, including daytime classes! We have spent over 30 years building a solid reputation in Denton for the highest quality martial arts training for both kids and adults.

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