The mission of WCWMA is to impact and empower as many peoples’ lives as possible in a positive way through our WCWMA Black Belt and Mastery Success System! Our goal is to develop well-rounded, versatile, martial arts students who can adapt to any style of martial arts!

The purpose of our association is to develop oneself “physically, mentally, and spiritually with good character!” Our goal is not only to develop black belts in martial arts, but also to develop black belts in life!

The Ernie Reyes WCWMA Association mission is to create a better world filled with greater health, happiness, peace, and harmony, built from a unique blend of traditional and modern-day martial arts training.

The purpose of Ernie Reyes’s WCWMA Association of martial arts schools is to uphold the highest values of martial arts training: respect, discipline, honor, loyalty, family, and bravery to the highest level of black belt excellence.

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