If you’re ready to change your opinion of fitness, EXELFIT has you covered. We believe a workout should be fun and efficient — and that’s the Exelfit blueprint. In 30 minutes, you go through 12 rounds; 2 minutes of work, 30 seconds of rest.

Our workouts change every day, and each one combines elements of cycling, boxing, kickboxing, rowing, cross-training, and plyometrics. These are all functional training exercises — meaning that while you’re toning up and slimming down, you will also be increasing your overall physical abilities and daily functioning. Think more energy, flexibility, strength, and stamina to carry you through your daily life.

Our trainers know how to work with all fitness levels, and they make sure you push yourself, feel the burn, preserve your energy throughout, and take time to recover.

It’s time to experience a whole new kind of workout — every minute counts in the EXELFIT studio. Let’s crush it

Every one of our trainers brings their own style and experience to the Exelfit Fam, but what they all share is passion — for fitness and wellness, for our members and their goals, and for the opportunity to continue changing the fitness world with a smarter, more efficient workout program

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