The Fight Science method began in 2003. Ian Harris began teaching his hybrid, martial arts compiled from years of training Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Jeet Kune Do, Kenpo, Wing Chun and many other martial arts as a realistic self-defense class out of a karate school in Culver City, CA. UFC and what we know of today as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was still in very early stages, with very few rules and no actual name for the sport (MMA had not been popularized). Ian, being a “science nerd” always took a very scientific, technical approach to fighting and felt what he was teaching was less an art and more a science, so he began calling his style “Fight Science.” Several students expressed an interest to fight, but MMA was not yet legal in California. Several of the students and Ian would travel to Tijuana on weekends to fight. Shortly thereafter the term MMA was popularized and it became legal and sanctioned in California. Two of those original students Chad George and Julian Rush eventually became 2 of the first champions under California-sanctioned MMA. Julian and Ian have maintained a strong relationship and continued to refine and coach for nearly 15 years and over the years have had fighters in every major and local organization there is, producing several champions both pro and amateur, for shows like RFA, CXF, Tachi Palace, BAMMA, U of MMA, Spar Star, TFA and many more. In Aug 2017, they along with another one of the early students and fighters, Leo Hirai, opened the first ever Fight Science gym in Mid City, L.A.

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