Gracie Humaita Winnipeg has a long history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling in Winnipeg from the early days in late 90’s with Brazilian, Rodrigo Munduruca, a Black Belt and highly decorated, multiple world champion, who has trained many of our high level instructors and students.

Today we currently have promoted a total 15 Blackbelts at our academy, with many more Brown, Purple and Blue belts!   We have over 250 students.

In 2012, we became affiliated with Gracie Humaita, where we are a proud member of the Gracie Humaita family which was originally founded by Grand Masters Carlos and Helio Gracie in 1952.  Gracie Humaita is currently run under Masters Rolker Gracie – 7th Degree Red & Black Belt and current instructor at Gracie Humaitá in Brazil along with his brother Royler Gracie – 7th Degree Red & Black Belt and head instructor at Gracie Competition Team Academy in San Diego California.

In 2014, Rodrigo Munduruca moved to the USA and is a head instructor at Gracie Humaita, San Diego alongside the sons of Helio Gracie, the Source of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

As a member of the Gracie Humaita family, our students are welcome at any of the Gracie Humaita academies around the world.  Our students and Instructors frequently travel to Gracie Humaita HQ in both San Diego and Rio De Janeiro to continue training and developing our skills directly from the Source.

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