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Hi, my name is Greg. On top my certifications, I also have a degree in nutrition and have been competing as a professional athlete for almost 14 years. Through my experiences as a trainer and athlete, I've learned that there is no one way to achieve your ideal fitness level. Where one person may have success lifting weights and cutting calories, another person may do better with high intensity training and higher calories. We are all different, so I reflect that in my training. We will try all kinds of workouts to challenge you and make sure you are moving as efficiently as possible in day to day life.

We all know going to the gym isn't our favorite thing to do everyday, so I always keep my training fun, entertaining and unique!

What to Expect

**All my clients receive a custom meal plan to support their workouts! **All my clients receive their completed workouts online, so they can do them again on their own! A typical training session starts with a short warm-up involving a few minutes of cardio and some corrective exercise movements for the hips/shoulders (depending on what you need). What comes next is totally dependent on the routine we have in place! One day will be any full-body movements, olympic lifts or balance exercises in your routine, followed by isolated movements for the areas we are training . Another day may be muay thai training or intervals. We will always mix it up, but you can be sure you will always leave feeling accomplished...and sweaty.


4231 Pacific Street, Rocklin, California 95677, United States of America

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