What is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts);

MMA (mixed martial arts) , which is translated as tercüme Mixed Martial Arts M, is a full contact sport. The arena in which the competitions take place is also known as “cage fighting dolayı, as it takes place mainly in the cage platform.

All kinds of impacts, strangulation, locks, strangulation techniques are available and free in MMA . The opponent can be hit on the ground and the struggle with strangulation or joint locks can be completed.

The laying of MMA 's branching goes back to the UFC organization, the first unregulated and weightless fighting tournament in Denver Colarado in 1993. After this tournament and the following tournaments, athletes, to be more effective and successful; started to blend its branches with other branches. Now athletes; as well as standing, the place is structured to include grappling, bumps and locks. It is up to the athlete to choose which style and proportion.
From the moment the first foundations were laid, to the present, great evolution and development has taken place. MMA has been performing for a long time in America, Japan, Russia and so on. countries have the highest number of MMA spectators in martial arts. Which is a member of the UNI-MMA, ITU-MMA MMA in Turkey since 2003 and works on behalf of Taylor Keser provides training in leadership.

MMA 's biggest difficulty in officially branching in the world; the freedom of rule is very wide and the nature of the MMA cannot be restricted by a single style or by a few mixed styles. Today; karate, judo, thaiboxing, sanda, wrestling, taekwondo, kungfu, jiu-jitsu, etc .. styles and appropriate tactics and exhibit themselves with many champions and athletes. In MMA, styles are no longer important; techniques chosen by the athlete from all styles and the combination of these techniques.

The purpose of the output; to determine the most effective branch of unarmed combat sports. To this end, in 1993, Denver 's fighting organizations without time and weight limitation was organized. Over time, the athletes added new ones to their professional branches to close their deficiencies and have been able to fight effectively both standing and on the ground.

Thanks to this extraordinary idea, strong MMA organizations that are organized according to certain rules are being organized and attracting attention.

Who Can Do MMA;

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