About Me

Hi, my name is Jack. I started as a gymnast before transitioning to dance. I have an MFA in Choreography from UCLA, and I began teaching in 1998. I have been certified as a trainer since 2002, starting with NASM and currently with ISSA. Because of my background in movement, I have a keen eye for alignment, technique, and efficient movement patterns.
Personal Trainer Charlotte NC

What to Expect

After a dynamic warmup, the session will be focused on whatever activities help you achieve your goals. Whether this be strength, muscle building, endurance, cardiovascular training, or flexibility. We end with an appropriate cool down. As a side note, I tend to laugh, sing, and dance during the session. I find it keeps the session fun and engaging. I want you to enjoy your workouts, not dread them. I’m firm without being aggressive, and I’m bossy without barking. I will hold you accountable, but I won’t guilt you. I will inform you without overwhelming you.

I Speak Fluently in These Languanges
  • English
How Many Years Have You Been Training?


How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


Preferred Skills Level

First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

My Certifications

ISSA Certified

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