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I am here to take your health and fitness goals seriously. Personally, I understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and my goal is to help you overcome the challenges and reach your goals. With that being said I will not be there to waste your time or money, but what I ask for in return is you give 100 % commitment along with consistency. I firmly believe consistency is the most important aspect to help achieve any fitness goal.

With experience not only in personal training but also in bodybuilding, I am capable of analyzing your fitness and nutrition needs in order to create and support the best training program possible. I use the initial complimentary consultation to get to know you and your goals. I want to know everything from your current workout schedule to your nutrition and of course what you want to achieve, in order to create a plan that is right just for you. All training and nutrition plans will be designed around your specific goals and your specific body attributes such as your current height and weight. No cookie cutter programs will ever be used because every individual is different. I will be honest that training and nutrition go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other if you want to reach your goals. I fully understand that adapting new fitness and nutrition habits is difficult, but the results can become addicting and evermore motivating. The body craves what it is given on a regular basis. Once you begin a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise your body will soon after naturally crave good nutrition and exercise. Starting is the hardest part, but once we clear that hurdle maintaining becomes naturally easier.

The plans I will create for you will also include progress and body composition tracking to ensure the best results for you. My main focus will be to work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals and quicker than you planned. I will be available outside of your personal training sessions to answer and assist you with any questions you may have. I will also check in on your progress weekly and ask you about your daily nutrition, only to be sure we are on track to meeting your goals to your set timeline.

I train clients inside of Bodysport Performance Training located near Lake Mead & 95. You do not need a gym membership here to train with me, however a one time yearly $49 gym registration fee is required. It is a fully equipped gym with cardio equipment, machines, free weights and squat racks and much more!

All sessions are 1 hour long including a proper warm-up and 100% customized to you and your personal goals, and also include a nutritional plan as well.

Don’t have time to travel to a trainer or don’t need someone there to instruct you but rather take stress off of you figuring out you workout and diet plan? Look no further! I myself have never used a trainer in-person even while bodybuilding but having the pressure of figuring out the little things taken off me made a huge difference! Through my online coaching I will still hold you accountable and push you with weekly custom written workouts based on your gym experience and personal goals. I will keep track off all sets, reps and weights used week to week so you don’t have to. In addition, I will send you custom macronutrient guidelines or a meal plan based on your body and goals to follow for your diet and adjust them as needed. I will also send these guidelines a week at a time so you can stay ahead.

Check-ins will be offered weekly or bi-weekly via Facetime or through text message. I will want to see you physically to see how your body is responding and also get updates from you on what the scale is doing.
Personal Trainer Las Vegas NV

For more information you can visit my website https://putinworknv.com

For any questions or inquiries you can email jbrechlin@putinworknv.com

What to Expect

A full hour of nothing but hard work in order to use all of your potential in order to reach your goals, as well as quality information on why we do a certain exercise, a certain amount of reps or a certain amount of sets. I will also give you basic nutrition advice to help you outside of the gym.

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