J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy

Welcome to J.K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi. The Academy is the headquarters of U.S.A. Chin Woo Federation was originally established by GrandMaster Jimmy Wong in 1978 in Houston, Texas.

In 1983, Sifu Jimmy Wong moved to Dallas where the school now resides. Disciplines include Northern Shaolin Kungfu, Tai Chi Chuan, Modern Wushu, Acupuncture, Herbology, Qigong, Meditation, Lion Dance, & Dragon Dance.

Our values embrace the principles and beliefs of the founder of Chin Woo, Grandmaster Hou Yuan Jia, who, during the early 1900s rebuilt China’s physical, mental, and spiritual strength through martial arts. In our present Academy, we believe in a culture and lifestyle absent of drugs and gangs. We encourage the best efforts from our students to excel in education and martial arts.

J.K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi is located in North Richardson at Plano Rd and Campbell Rd. (map) in the Spring Creek Business Center.

Group classes consist of Northern Shaolin Kungfu and Wu (Hao)Tai Chi. Special instruction and workshops are offered for Wushu, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, and other major styles of Tai Chi and Water Boxing (Liu He Ba Fa) (


Chin Woo Athletic Association

Chin Woo is an international martial arts organization founded in Shanghai, China, on July 7, 1910. Chin Woo was founded as the Chin Woo Athletic Association (simplified Chinese: 精武体育会; traditional Chinese: 精武體育會; pinyin: Jīngwǔ Tǐyùhuì) in Shanghai, China in the early 20th century.

Many sources, claim that Chin Woo was founded by the martial artist Huo Yuanjia, who died not long after its establishment. Chin Woo was actually founded by a committee of persons, including members of the Tongmenghui, such as Chen Qimei, Nong Zhu, and Chen Tiesheng. Due to Huo’s popularity and recent death, the committee had decided that he should be the “face” of Chin Woo, resulting in his strong association with it.

After Chin Woo was founded, a number of prominent martial artists in China at that time were invited to teach there. They include: Chen Zizheng (陳子正), Eagle Claw master; Luo Guangyu (羅光玉), Seven Star Praying Mantis master; Geng Jishan (耿繼善), Xingyi master; Wu Jianquan, founder of Wu-style taijiquan, ; and Zhao Lianhe (趙連和), a master of the Northern Shaolin , became Chief Instructor after Huo Yuanjia’s death.

As one of the first public martial arts institutes in China, Chin Woo was intended to create a structured environment for teaching and learning martial arts as opposed to the secretive training that had been common in the past. The founders of Chin Woo felt that the association would keep alive traditions that secrecy and social change would otherwise doom.

The basic curriculum drew from several styles of martial arts, giving practitioners a well-rounded martial background in addition to whatever they wished to specialise in. Chin Woo inspired the ecumenism seen in the Chinese martial arts community during the Republican era, giving rise to such efforts as the National Martial Arts Institutes.

Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, attended the third annual event held by Chin Woo in 1915, giving a speech of encouragement to the attendees. When Sun Yat-sen attended again at the 10th annual event in 1920, he also wrote for a special Chin Woo newsletter and made a plaque with the engraving “martial spirit”.

Chin Woo was closed by the People’s Republic of China government in 1966 and was allowed to reopen after the Cultural Revolution.

Chin Woo currently has at least 59 branches based in 22 or more countries worldwide, where it is usually known as an “athletic association” or “federation”.

J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy is the headquarters of U.S. A. Chin Woo Federation.

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  • Victor Ho
    September 23, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    This academy is led by Jimmy Wong. As much as I’d like to call him a Master, he is not my master anymore – I realized my life is better spent elsewhere. Having been there for nearly twenty years and learning a great deal of forms and discipline from everyone else but Jimmy. I can say I’m a pretty average student despite stopping at blue jacket with a blue belt – the level is intermediate. Objectively, depending how eager and determined you are to learning, the faster or further you go here.

    The school has about two classes on most of its regular opening days – the Tai Chi class and the Kung Fu classes. These classes are taught and led by students turned into teachers who trained and honed their skills at the school for several years. From my personal experiences, the teachers to instructors do their absolute best regardless of the class size or not. All of the instructors have their strengths and weaknesses but they’ve got either a few years or a decade’s worth of teaching experience – so do not let that deter you.

    The Tai Chi classes are spent practicing one of the movement forms with through and careful examination from the instructors. They have about three classes of different times for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students with usually a half hour or an hour of time spent. You’re usually free to stay longer if need to be but you need to keep up the pace. Lastly, they usually have one instructor or two but I can guarantee that the quality is consistent and top notch.

    The kung fu classes usually have the bulk or huge percentages of students where there are multiple instructors with the classes separated into kids and adults. When one of the kids are old enough, they can be promoted or/and brought into the adult class where teenagers and adults of various ages do class together. The classes for adults are more or less like the Tai Chi class with beginner, intermediate, and advanced with the same amount of time spent and all. You’ll need to keep up the pace here usually since the class size is larger here than the Tai Chi classes – the quality of instructing here is rather open-ended but more positively than anything else.

    But until the weekend or rather Saturday hits where a variety of things occur that change up a few things. Outside of Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes being put on the same day. There is class where students can train and learn how to do things such as lion dancing, coordinated musical teamwork, and the usual practice but with a performer-based atmosphere.

    Other than that, there are sparring classes on Saturday as well if that is your thing. They have gear you can borrow and use if you do intend to jump right into the action of sparring with the others.

    In terms of the people there. I can say for certain that they’re genuinely good people – but they’ve got a few rusty spots that need polishing. But there are two people that made me realize a few things weren’t as… good as they were supposed to be. One is Jimmy himself and the other is someone that kind of plagues the school.

    Let’s just say we had our differences and that I still do not understand why Jimmy defends and keeps them around. You really should’ve talked with them when I asked you to the first and second time around.

    And no, I am not going to change my review. My review on this school on multiple sites are getting suppressed and slienced for no reason.

  • D Nice
    September 14, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    I’ve been at this gym for a little over a year now and it’s such a great place to learn Kung Fu and Tai Chi from Grand Master Jimmy Wong. I’m loving my elite tai chi class and I have friends in the Kung Fu who all really love their classes too. This is a first rate place, and very professional and respectful. Master Wong traveled for a couple of years before the pandemic but since the pandemic, he’s hands on and I’m so incredibly grateful to have an instructor with so much knowledge and experience. The other teachers are amazing as well

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