The mission that we strive to achieve at JM Modern Jiu Jitsu is to build the weak into the strong through training in a fun and positive atmosphere. A lot of people say that you can not teach "heart". At JM Modern Jiu Jitsu we believe just the opposite and love working with "average" people. We pride ourselves in our ability to take the extremely self-conscious, non-athletic and building that person into a champion in their own life.

Competition,  Self Defense, or Hobbyist
Everyone's goals are different and thats normal. The program we utilize caters to all skill levels and aspirations. Whether your goal is to get in shape, learn to defend yourself in the streets, or become a champion on the sport side.

I've witnessed people make others twice their size tap out.
I've seen small women handle grown men.
I've personally helped fighters achieve great heights with Jiu Jitsu
Be Part a of a Team Who Will Help You, Push You, and be There For You

Jiu jitsu is not a solo martial art. There are no forms or katas You need a team of training partners. The beautiful thing about BJJ is that it is a non-team sport yet it is an incredibly tight atmosphere. The bonds of friendship forged on the training mats are some of the strongest you will ever develop.

And last but not least... Have FUN!

I can't tell you how many times I've heard guys and gals say, “This is the funnest things I've EVER done!” Jiu Jitsu is hard work... it's a tough workout... but beneath it all...

It's so much fun it's ADDICTING

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