Welcome to the #1 Rated Kids Martial Arts Program for Self Defense in NW Austin / Cedar Park. We empower your child with confidence, discipline, and practical self defense. Our instructors are Certified Professionals with a combined 15yrs of teaching experience ensuring your child receives top notch instruction while having fun and learning to defend themselves. We have a great group of quality kids in our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and we look forward to welcoming your child, too.

What Positive Impact Can I Expect For My Child?
Paying Attention - Kids who have a hard time paying attention and focusing on tasks see a big improvement from our martial arts program. Primarily because of the physical aspect of it, but also from the loving attention and discipline our coaches give. We have many kids who have been diagnosed ADD or ADHD that are finally able to put their talents to work in a fun and engaging environment where they want to focus.
Calming Confidence - It's a common misconception that learning self defense and martial arts will make your child want to fight more; rather, what happens over time is they grow a quiet confidence where they don't want to start an altercation, but would rather diffuse the situation through talking first. Our instructors make it clear that the techniques we teach them are for self defense not for starting fights.
Self-Respect: Think about it. If you're a child with no knowledge of how to defend yourself, are you going to stand up to the bully? Probably not. Having self-respect comes from confidence and that kind of confidence comes from coming to martial arts class and learning how to defend themselves. Then, if  being teased or confronted with a bully, your child can more confidently use their words to diffuse a situation without fear because they know how to defend themselves.
Weight Loss: Our Martial Arts are active and lots of fun. Whether they are training with a partner or doing solo drills, they'll be leaving each class with a sweat. The parents love seeing their kids in a positive atmosphere sweating alittle bit rather than seeing them plopped on the couch staring at their phones or tv.
Coordination: We do many drills and techniques that require them to develop and increase their whole body coordination so that they feel stronger and more aware of their body.
and Many More...

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