Efficient Functional Fitness Training for
Men, Women, Teens & Kids

Our mission is to provide a friendly, non-inhibiting, motivational, high quality fitness experience to people of all fitness levels. Our local international community is important to us and we strive to bring people together. opened in 2016 by founder Tina Mack Gallo.

Our fitness philosophy is to combine

trainings for strength, mobility, cardio and flexibility,

as well sharing these experiences in a community space through workshops and events.


Kids /Teens Boxing &  Thai Boxing
Kids Boxing Lessons
Kids Boxing is a fun training for children between the ages of 7-12 that combines boxing techniques and strength training exercises suitable for children. Teached and practiced together on the punchbags as well as on the pad, both individually and in partner work, the results of this training are an improvement of the cardiovascular condition, an improvement of coordination as well as an increase of strength and flexibility.



Kids (7-12 years) & Teenagers (13-17 years)

Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing is a cardio, strength and endurance training with Thai Boxing techniques on a punching bag as well as an individual training with the instructor. This is a training / fitness course and not sparring or fight preparation  Thai Boxing improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, improves motor skills and coordination.



The Kids and Teens courses are fixed 6-month courses (March - August / September - February).   It is possible to start in the middle of the course, provided there is space and the fees would adapt.

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