Our three kids attend Kim's Taekwondo Center. We've had a very positive experience.

Facility: Clean gym with instructional area separated from seating area by a short wall.

Value: The monthly rate covers 2-3 sessions per week per child, and we often have back-to-back classes since our kids span different age ranges. We feel we get our money's worth.

Quality of Instruction: Fantastic. My sense is that we're extremely lucky to have an instructor of Master Kim's skill level teaching our children. Our kids' personalities range from stubborn, to reserved, to 'all over the place.' Master Kim gets them all to focus and follow instruction, all while having a positive attitude. His level of patience with our 3-year-old amazes me.

Quality of Personnel: Again, fantastic. We started TKD because we adopted our younger daughter from Korea and wanted our family to connect with Korean culture. We found that and more. The Kims are so supportive and caring toward all our children. They strive to connect with each of their students on a personal level, which has been very hard to find in past extracurricular activites we've tried.

Awesome family owned and run Taekwondo studio. Master Kim is great with all ages and personalities. 2 of my kids tend to be on the shy/anxious side and Master Kim has done wonders with helping them open up and build confidence. We love that he teaches traditional Korean Taekwondo not only as a sport but also a philosophy. They teach and model discipline, self control, respect, perseverance, integrity. The wife and teenage son are also amazing, keeping the place running and helping teach classes. They treat everyone like family and are great with kids. 100% recommend!

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