At Krav Maga Academy we offer training for any level. Whether you’re a seasoned law enforcement professional or just looking for a great Krav Maga youth program, KMA is for you. We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to each individual’s skill level, not a generic 50-person class. Our instructors have taught at every level around the world and they’re hand picked based upon their expertise. The training you’ll receive at KMA is unlike any other Krav Maga gym in San Diego.

In addition to our regular classes, we offer special seminars for finely tuned Krav Maga training across a variety of disciplines. From military and VIP protection, to combat shooting and defensive driving, our seminars will teach you key techniques for a wide range of real life scenarios. Find more information about these seminars toward the bottom of the page and be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest seminars and updates.

Krav Maga 1
This is our basic Krav Maga Self Defense program. All you need to know, and nothing you don’t. This is designed to bring you to street readiness in 12 weeks. This course curriculum contains 24 lessons; 8 grappling lessons focused on self-defense on the ground, 8 striking lessons which will have you striking with your hands, elbows, knees, and legs, 8 standing self defense lessons where you will learn to escape the most common holds grabs and attacks then launch a devastating counter attack designed to stop or deter your opponent. After 12 weeks you will have been able to complete each lesson twice and be eligible to test for your yellow belt (Level 1), and after 24 weeks 4 times, which will make you eligible to test for your Orange Belt (Level 2). After this cycle you will have a well-rounded foundation in unarmed combat covering all aspects of fighting. Once you have achieved a Yellow Belt level you will be eligible for an invitation to our Krav Maga 2 classes.

Krav Maga 2: Intermediate/Advanced Krav Maga
This is the intermediate/advanced phase of your Krav Maga Self Defense training. These classes will expand on your foundation built in Krav Maga 1 and introduce armed attackers, multiple attackers, and advanced fighting concepts. You will learn the principles of defending against an attacker armed with an edged weapon, blunt object, multiple attackers, and advanced techniques in grappling, clinching, and take downs. You will learn how to defend against threats with both pistols and long rifles, you will learn the mechanical function of firearms and the cycle of operations to give you the best chance to deal with an armed attacker or active shooter. You will be introduced to a scaled sparring program where you will be able to safely test your skills in a force-on-force environment under the watchful eye of the most experienced instructors in the world. This class will take you through techniques from the Green Belt to Black Belt curriculum.

Combat Fitness
This class is designed to improve your fitness as it directly relates to surviving a violent confrontation. It’s not your average ‘fitness class’ at the gym. It will involve constantly varied exercises where you will push your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, core strength, muscle tone, strength, and all-around confidence in yourself as a competent Krav Maga fighter. You won’t be lifting weights, you will work with sand bags, tractor tires, sledge hammers, kettle bells, battle ropes, and numerous other tools to bring you to peak physical condition in a fun, team-oriented environment. All exercises are scaled, so that no matter your beginning fitness level you will be able to complete the workout and improve your fitness relative to your baseline level.


Fight Club
This class is part of our Combat Submission Wrestling Add On program. This is a 2-hour classes focused on training you as a totally well-rounded fighter. You will learn the most advanced sport techniques from Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kali, and Savate. All techniques will be taught as they relate to self-defense, and how sport pressure testing can refine your skills for Krav Maga. This class will be 1 hour of warm up, conditioning, and technique. It will be followed by an optional 1 hour of sparring where you will be able to work from other neophytes in Krav Maga all the way up to high level competition fighters from grappling, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. You must be invited to the sparring portion of the class by an instructor and there is a strict gear list to guarantee the safety of all participants.

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