Roy Elghanayan started learning Judo at the age of 4. At the age of 7 he started training in Israel Krav Maga, Ju-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts under Master Mati Elyashiv. At the age of 18, Roy reached his first black belt. Quickly after he got drafted to the Israeli Special Forces – Paratroopers. Due to his very extensive background in Krav Maga, Roy was asked to teach Krav Maga to the Israeli Special Forces. After 3 years, Roy Elghanayan was awarded 1st place in the Krav Maga IDF Israeli Defense Forces competition twice in a row by the chief of staff. After his honorable discharge from the IDF, Roy moved to Los Angeles to establish REKM Inc.
Now REKM in Los Angeles.
In 2007 Roy Elghanayan arrived to Los Angles and established REKM Inc. Originally REKM was known as “Krav Maga L.A.” but after a few years Roy understood what he needed to do to separate his company from all the other Krav Maga companies. First, Roy changed the name from Krav Maga L.A. to Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga (REKM). In addition, he changed the original logo to the present bull logo. Second, he personally designed the REKM facility. And lastly, Roy made sure it would be easy to enroll for authentic Krav Maga training by offering inexpensive classes without hidden fees and without any contracts. Today REKM offers classes for kids and adults, private lessons to all levels, instructor courses and seminars worldwide.

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