What makes us your BEST choice for Jiu-jitsu in the CSRA?
We offer a separate classes for different age groups.  Our classes also offer a wide variety of information that extends far beyond the basic "jiu-jitsu" class most people are familiar with.
Each of our instructors have been training for years in jiu-jitsu.  Each have been fully qualified and tested.  We pride ourselves on not being the type of school that hands out a black belt to some after a year or two of training.
Our prices are some of the most affordable in the CSRA.  We offer one price for all classes.  We offer family discounts and military and law enforcement discounts as well. We aren't salesmen.  We don't try and lock our students into long term contracts.  There is no push to get you to "upgrade, upsale, or convert" our students.  You want to train hard and learn real self defense.  We want to train you and teach you.  It's that simple, and shouldn't be any other way!  No hidden fees or charges.

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