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Hi, my name is Lain. I have always been very active individual and from childhood until now I have always loved being involved in competitions and always considered myself to be in generally good health. My outlook on fitness underwent a drastic change change once I joined the military and realized that there were people out there who were miles ahead of me when it came to fitness. After my first physical fitness test I could only perform 27 push ups in a two minute time span while others were doing 70 or more. I was disappointed in myself because I knew I was capable of doing better so I did just that, I trained those push ups everyday doing the max amount every time pushing my body's limits everyday for 2 months and during my final physical fitness test I soared! I completed 77 push ups in 2 minutes my hard work paid off! I would go on to increase my push up max and all of my other maxes now that I understood the formula. During last physical fitness test in the military I completed 116 push ups in 2 minutes that was almost a push up a minute. I never believed that I was special I just thought to myself if these other guys are dominating why can't I? I am no different from them and I want to extend that to everyone I come in contact with, you can achieve anything you set your mind to you just have to believe you are no different than the hundreds and millions of others who have done it before you!
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What to Expect

Learning to workout is not as easy as some would make it seem to learn that there is a proper way to build and structure workouts so that you are not overtraining is paramount to your success. The “no days off” style of training can be done effectively if it is planned properly and employs the right amount of rest and recuperation necessary for it to be effective. I can either create a client-specific workout routine for you or assist clients in creating a routine that is not only effective but enjoyable as well. The entire goal behind training our clients is to make them self-sufficient and bring everyone to their desired level of fitness and help them to maintain their new healthy lifestyle.

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How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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