Leading Edge Kickboxing – Fitness – and Martial Arts
Leading Edge is a great alternative to standard fitness programs and an effective system for learning self-defense. We specialize in realistic and effective martial arts for children and adults in a non-competitive and ego-less environment. The various arts taught at Leading Edge (Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, MMA, Kid’s Self-Defense) are fun and safe, but through practice these skills can quickly be used in a serious situation if the need arises.

Our motto is Fitness with Purpose™. There are many fitness concepts available to us. Aerobics, swimming, weight lifting, and running are all valid forms of fitness with unique benefits, but many of these can become tedious and boring as the same routine is performed over and over again.

Most importantly, you would have to combine many of these activities in order to build lean muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness, coordination and biomechanics while having fun. The great thing about Leading Edge is you can do all of these things at the same time! Leading Edge is a great way to get in shape, learn self-protection and improve your confidence simultaneously.

I went to Leading Edge and joined their Muay Thai Kickboxing class feeling self conscious and intimidated, not knowing anything about martial arts. 7 months into it and I have to say I still love it!
Not only have I improved my physical fitness but I enjoy pushing myself. For the first time I don’t watch the clock to see how much time I have left. John Staab and the other instructors are all very helpful, informative, and motivating. I recommend Leading Edge Kickboxing & Martial Arts to anybody looking for a way of improving oneself physically and mentally.

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