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We have flexible schedules. Included real food meal plans (no diets!), cool facility with lots of equipment, and personalized attention to your fitness level and goals. Plus, the best training & nutrition based on science, NOT band wagon fads or pills or powders that promise the moon! On top of all that, we offer everyone a Free Fitness Test Drive which includes: Goal-Setting Consultation (It's all about You), Ultrasound Body Scan (Muscle & Fat Composition), Head to Toe Fitness Assessment to determine your baseline fitness areas in 5 Measurable Dimensions. That way, you can decide if we're the right fit for you and your needs. Heck, I wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first and I expect the same from you! This is over a $200 Value absolutely Free with no further obligation. Try us before you Buy us. I am confident that we provide the best personal training, nutrition plans/tools plus we offer tons of value - Restaurant Menu Reviews, Grocery Shopping Tours, Fitness Homework when you're on you own, Monthly Progress Check Ins, Food Journal Accountability, etc., etc. at no additional cost.

We have a very HIGH Success Rate working with clients. From the college student, professional athlete, working professional, and clients over 65. The program is custom designed for each client individually.

And just so you know, we have lots of options to choose from! We are very confident we can help you reach your fitness goals & help you overcome any obstacles.

We Love our Clients! Serving the East Valley since 2001

What to Expect

Free Consultation where we ask the potential client about their health history, nutrition lifestyle, current activity, and most importantly; their goals. Then, we perform an ultrasound body fat analysis that provides body fat %, then we do a blood pressure test, and then a head to toe fitness assessment that tests/measures upper/lower body strength, cardio, flexibility, and 3 level core evaluation.

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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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