MA Fitness was founded by Dave Stickler and Jim Graden. The local Seminole, FL business was an extension of a previous establishment run by Mr. Graden. It had seen better days and was in need of a change so MA Fitness was born. After taking time to rehab the training facility and get a handle on how to grow Dave placed a simple Craigslist ad for front desk help. An application was received from Matt DiPietro. He was a fresh graduate from a little known university in Canton, OH and had recently relocated to St Petersburg, FL. The interview went well and Matt began as a part time employee. Matt had played football/track/lacrosse, trained at the college level and possessed a BA in kinesiology & community health ed so he was able to immediately add an intensity to classes along with advanced training knowledge. There was still much to learn and the next few years were spent growing in business knowledge and martial arts skill...when he wasn't cleaning toilets

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