About Our Founder, Jeff Gears.

Jeff Gears is considered one of the nation's leading martial arts instructors. Jeff is a 6th degree black belt having earned his Black Belt in 1979. He is also certified in Escrima, Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas, and Krav Maga.

Jeff was a dominant force during his competitive career. His national champion accomplishments include two time Diamond Nationals Winner, Multiple winner of the Battle of Atlanta, Grand Champion AKA Grand National and Middleweight champion at the Bermuda International Grand Championships. Jeff Gears was also a member of the Transworld Oil, SES and Team Paul Mitchell karate teams. Jeff is also a member of the Ohio Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Upon retiring from competition, Jeff's passion for the martial arts is directed towards teaching his students not only the martial arts, but also the leadership skills to ensure their success in all areas of their life.

Not content to just teach the way he was taught, Jeff was the first person in Northwestern Oh to implement a Structured Curriculum and Structured Instructor Certification Program. This is the backbone of classroom system, which focuses on teaching by objective and positive reinforcement.

Our Core Belief

The core belief of our team in Toledo is that anyone can succeed in our programs and enjoy the process. Not only will you learn a variety of skills and techniques, you'll build the confidence and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from successfully being appropriately challenged, meeting and exceeding the challenge. We pride ourselves in creating a positive and encouraging training experience. Regardless of your initial skills and abilities, we guarantee you will be treated with appreciation and respect.

Since 1993 Jeff Gears Martial Arts has been bringing the Toledo community the very best in self-protection, character development, and fitness instruction. Our instructors are personally selected for not only their skill and achievement in martial arts, but also for their ability to effectively relate that knowledge and understanding to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Therefore, our instructors continuously undergo advanced training in self-defense skills, and each and every one keeps abreast of the latest teaching methods and human development. Each instructor is certified and has been through one of the most stringent and comprehensive training programs in the world. With over two years of specialized training, each instructor is qualified to teach martial arts.

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