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Hi, my name is Moises. With over 10 years of experience in physical education, coaching basketball, and 4 years in personal training I have successfully helped adults and youth discover and develop their true physical potential. I have always had an interest in physical fitness due to his natural inclination for understanding movement. I have taken my abilities into the dance world by expressing his movements in the genres of salsa, bachata, and Afro-Cuban dancing. I am certified as a trainer with the PFTA, and carry a certification with MYODetox in Corrective Movement. I have experience in power lifting, bodybuilding, endurance training, and corrective movement. With an innate understanding of psychology, and body mechanics, I am able to help my clients achieve theirs goals and apply a lifestyle change that will impact their lives forever.
Personal Trainer Englewood NJ

What to Expect

Process: 1) Consultation - Discussion about goals and habits 2) Assessments- FMS, corrective movement and body composition 3) Program design aligned with goals A session will begin with our warm up movements to start developing natural movement patterns. We then go into corrective movement exercises to prevent injury during strength training. Depending on the client's goals, we go into skilled movements or strength training. We then go into metabolic conditioning exercises. We end the session with a series of movements to cool down.

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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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