The Como's


Anthony and Kristi bought one of the Nonstop Fitness locations in 2008 and now are the proud owners of the franchise. "By being members before being owners, it changes your perspective of how you 'would' do things. And now we have that chance. We see things from both sides, member and owner. Because of that, we try to have a balanced response to things." Anthony drives and delivers  for a national food distributer while Kristi manages Nonstop Fitness. Together they raise and homeschool their boys, Dominick and Zackary.

My life is full of family and work. I love what I do day in and day out. I hate to be told NO or YOU CAN'T. I love a good salesman and perfect customer service. With that being said, that's how I run my business. I try not to use the words I don't like to hear, so we have options. And I strive for the ultimate customer satisfaction by being a good salesperson, not just closing the sale. And because of my strong family values, I feel treating people with respect will go further than any 'discount'.

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