Professor Whyte is a life long martial artist. His martial arts career spanned much of his 22-year military career. Professor Whyte was a United States Marine for 2 enlistments prior to being selected for a commissioning program. After college, he was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy Nurse Corps. Professor Whyte went on to retire from the Navy and Enter Life as an academic. He is currently a full Professor at the FSU College of Nursing. Dr. Whyte is a certified Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. He is a highly experienced clinician with a special interest in sports medicine and pediatrics. In particular, he is skilled in working with special needs children.

After completing military service and an extensive education including two doctorates, Professor Whyte longed for the grappling days of his childhood. He was drawn to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. All of Professor Whyte’s belts were awarded by Professor Felipe Neto, including the distinction of being Professor Neto’s first black belt. Dr. Whyte has won the Master’s World and Pan American Championships at Blue-Purple and Brown, and has won a variety of IBJJF open tournaments at the Black Belt masters level. He continues to compete actively, primarily in the IBJJF.


Professor Cummings began training at the World famous Alliance Headquarters in Atlanta Georgia in 2007. He was awarded all of his belts by the founder of the Alliance Team, Romero Jacare Cavalcanti.  Professor Cummings was also guided by multiple times World Champions Rubens Maciel Charles (Cobrinhia), Lucas Lepri and Leonardo Nogueira. In addition to training at the Alliance Headquarters, Professor Cummings began his teaching career in Atlanta, teaching at Alliance Headquarters and at the Alliance Affiliate, Atlanta Budokan. He recently was a special guest instructor at the Fight Centre in Gothenberg Sweden. Professor Cummings was fortunate to progress through the ranks with high-level competitors such as Alec Balding, Chris Moriarty, Jonathan Thomas, Ian McPhereson and Pedro Torres.

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