I'm Gavin Boardman, and in 2006 I founded Predators MMA and BJJ Academy. My intention was to create a culture and training environment which could guide people towards excellence. Since then, Predators has produced athletes competing in some of the world's biggest MMA organisations.

I wanted Predators to have a positive learning environment where students never felt alienated and the group helped the individual improve. At Predators, people are treated equally, whether you are white belt or black belt; a professional fighter or someone trying a new sport.


My philosophy is to make constant small improvements, develop solid fundamentals, then encourage students to add their own personality to this foundation.

Predators students are encouraged to leave their ego at the door and help each other improve. There are plenty of Martial Arts schools with negative environments where cliques and egos run rampant. The culture at Predators is the exact opposite because ultimately, great groups make great individuals.

  • 1st Floor 15 Chatley Street (entrance on Whitfield Street) Manchester M3 1HU

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