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Grand Master Jim Grimestad began taking classes under 10th Degree Great Grand Master Moo Yong Yun when he was 11 years old. He is a certified 8th Degree Grand Master in Moo Duk Kwan TaeKwonDo, a certified 7th Degree Grand Master from the World TaeKwonDo Federation, a certified 7th Degree Grand Master in Chang Moo Kwan TaeKwonDo, a certified 5th Degree Master Instructor in HapKido and a certified 4th Degree Master Instructor in KumDo (Korean art of the sword).
Great Grand Master Yun was taught the martial arts as a young man in Korea and used them growing-up in post-war Seoul. In the military as on officer in the Vietnam War he trained and fought daily using technique meant for killing not scoring points. Great Grand Master Yun moved to the U.S. in 1974 and began teaching the art that was now called "TaeKwonDo".  We teach TaeKwonDo in this manner, meant for the real world, unfiltered for sport.   In fighting there is a winner, in self-defense there is a survivor. Traditional TaeKwonDo is for self-perfection as well as self-protection. You will challenge yourself every class and see the differences in yourself physically as well as in your life.
Great Grand Master Yun began teaching here in Fargo in 1974. He was the pioneer of TaeKwonDo in the state. TaeKwonDo does not have an "official" curriculum that all schools teach but many schools in the area are the result of students who have broken away from Great Grand Master Yun and took some of his technique with them. If your gym teaches 21 Movement, 30 Working Series, Advanced One Steps, 3-2-1 Steps, Face Contact, Combination Kicks etc. they came from Great Grand Master Yun's curriculum.


Grand Master Jim Grimestad

•Main Avenue Gym
The title "Grand Master" goes along with the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt.   Grand Master Jim Grimestad is a certified 8th Degree Black Belt. He grew up in Fargo and started taking TaeKwonDo lessons from 10th Degree Great Grand Master Moo Yong Yun in 1978 at age 11. He earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1982.   In 1992 when Great Grand Master Yun retired he left his schools to his head instructor, Grand Master Jim.  He continues to teach in the same traditional manner that he was instructed in.   He lives in Fargo with his wife Shiaomin and daughters Rose, Allison & Katelynn.

Grand Master Jim is a certified 8th Degree Black Belt in Moo Duk Kwan TaeKwonDo,a certified 7th Degree Black Belt in Chang Moo Kwan TaeKwonDo, a certified 7th Degree Black Belt in World TaeKwonDo Federation TaeKwonDo, a 4th Degree Master in HapKiDo ( the Korean art of throwing and ground fighting) and a 4th Degree Master in KumDo ( the Korean art of the sword).

Grand Master Jim is the only International Master certified by the Kukkiwon ( World Taekwondo Headquarters), International Hanmadang Referee, and the only certified Kukkiwon Test Examinerin North Dakota, South Dakota & Montana.
Grand Master Jim is a founding member of the International Black Belt Federation and the Northern Taekwondo League. He is a former member of the North Dakota State Athletic Commission and aMixed Martial Arts referee and judge.

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