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My career in performance training and recovery is targeted towards helping people attain a healthier body and mind. I use Western science as well as traditional Eastern modalities in the way I build the body. The methods I use are unique, as is your body, and so every person is trained differently. I have been a certified personal trainer, bodyworker and sports massage specialist for more than 13 years.

My name is Rob and I’ve been a mover all my life. As a kid, I never could sit still. I dabbled in every sport that interested me. Through personal experiences, I figured out that exercise was a tool to achieve self-growth and confidence. For the first two decades of my life fitness was my passion and my hobby. It took a few years of soul searching and wandering to realize that I could transform my hobby into a lifelong career. This is when I decided to open a movement, strength, and conditioning gym in Boston, MA. I found that I had a knack for teaching others how to move, feel healthier and more supported in their bodies.
What separates my methods from all the ‘fitness solutions’ out there is that I use holistic approaches when I teach movement. From my perspective training the body is an art form, and to reorganize the body for more efficient and fluid movement is more complicated than the fitness industry leads the public to believe.

Although I have many certifications the ones that have shaped my perspective the most are listed below:

• North American Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
• Flow Motion Model Biomechanist- Gait Training
• Board Certified Structural Integrator from Anatomy Trains– 750 hours
• Functional Patterns Biomechanics Practitioner
• Postural Restoration Certified- Posture and Diaphragm Restoration
• Functional Anatomy Specialist: Range Conditioning, Tissues Release, Range Assessment, Joint Conditioning

In addition to independent study, I mentored closely under a bodywork specialist and acupuncturist for 4 years where I was taught Eastern medicine and holistic approaches to healing and building the body . I also took the rare opportunity to work alongside physical therapists and chiropractors in order to get an inside perspective on western rehabilitative alternatives. I have also completed cadaver dissections on untreated bodies, which helped me see and understand the body at a more intimate level. Additionally I seek out regular conversations with osteopaths in my area in order to learn what I don’t know. Continuing education and being ahead of the curve in the health industry is important to me so that I can offer my clients the most efficient, up to date, and effective solutions for their goals.

My goal is simple. Strengthen your muscles and prioritize your joints! Attain fitness without inflammation. Align your body and change the way you move and feel in space!

What to Expect

You’re only as strong as your foundations are stable. For this reason we review fundamental skills constantly and polish every piece of your body mechanics together. The body works most efficiently when biomechanics are understood, taught, and applied. Biomechanics- a prime ingredient missing from almost all exercise regimens, is part of the formula for success with Train Rugged programming. Having sound biomechanics will help improve hydration of your body’s tissues and help make you more elastic and pliable, a characteristic that is necessary to have if you want to live a happier and healthier life. Whether you’re training for something specific or broad and general, Train Rugged’s methods will get you to understand exercise in a much more deliberate, precise, and intentional way. And what sets this coaching apart from all the other trainers you’ll see out there is that I make training fun, educational, effective, and about you. Group classes and fitness fads swear that it will address your every need, but general fitness has gaps in it, mainly that they are not tailored to you. I don’t believe in random programs and assigning exercises unintelligibly. I want your brain and body to understand how to move in a methodical way, with precision and intention. Train Rugged programs get you to systematically lengthen and strengthen tissues by focusing on isometric holds, controlled movements, as well as locomotive patterns that benefit your body. From there we’ll work together to address strategies to improve pliability in your body and coordination of your brain-to-body. Throughout sessions we will cover a broad range of topics ranging from power cultivation, to moving with mindful control, to maintaining your stability. The goal is to harmonize the way your body communicates, so that you can perform any physical task with a sense of ease, confidence, and strength.

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