About Me

Hi, my name is Ryan. I have been working out in a variety of mediums for most of my life. I like to keep detailed records showing everything from progress and milestones to injuries to better program my goals as they evolve. In fact, my current record book goes back to 2007, and I have paper records going back to the 90's. Exercise is like an old friend that can change over time and allows you to embrace different stages of your life. I have been a distance runner, a wrestler, a boxer, a cyclist, and a powerlifter. All have had their important place in my life and gave me back as much as I put in. I want everyone to get comfortable enough with exercise in its many forms to perform well-thought out workouts with excellent form. I can't emphasize enough my goal for everyone with whom I work to have a great understanding of form and its proper execution, no matter the exercise. Form form form!

What to Expect

Every session I come with a plan. The client warmups and we discuss and make sure they are comfortable with the plan, and onward we go. Many sessions feature instruction along with the actual workout. We check in for upcoming workouts at the end and I also followup with an email after each session to ensure their needs are being met.

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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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NETA Certified

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