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Hi, my name is Santiago. I am an engaging, outgoing, and passionate fitness fanatic born and raised in Los Angeles. With a background in competitive sports and over 12 years of athletic training and weightlifting, I have found sharing my experience and knowledge with people who want to live healthy, fulfilling, and energetic lives to be the greatest reward of all. The quality of our lives mirrors the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves. Through eating nutritious foods, conditioning our bodies to increase strength and endurance, practicing mindfulness during exercise, and working towards achieving personal goals, your relationship with yourself will inevitably strengthen, and in turn, the quality of your life will too. And I am passionately thrilled to assist and encourage this enriching journey you're about to embark on.

What to Expect

My training sessions are tailored to each individual. Clients will learn the most effective approach through personalized exercises, as well as the reasoning and science behind them. Developing strength while improving flexibility and mobility will give you the solid foundation needed to progress and achieve the results you desire. Together as we set your goals, and with your commitment and hard work, you will achieve them!

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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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NCCPT Certified

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