Join the SBG Bury Facebook Group to watch our classes and to connect with our FREE online BJJ & MMA Instructional Videos. We are the leading BJJ & MMA gym, close to Bury & Bolton, because:

Only BJJ Black Belt led gym in the Bury area (7th year post black belt).
Rickson Gracie Certified 1st Degree Black Belt
Also a Judoka, Thaiboxing and MMA Instructor who coaches worldwide (USA, Korea, Ireland).
Qualified SBG MMA Coach since 2006.
1 Assistant Brown Belt Coach with 20 years of grappling experience.
The only Head Coach recommended by and has trained with a who’s who of the UFC and BJJ world.
From UFC Veterans like Davey Grant, Rory Singer and Cage Warrior’s World Champion Alex Enlund recommending SBG Bury and Head Coach Glyn Powditch……

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