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Hi, my name is Sean. Navy veteran with over 10 years in the fitness industry. Not of promoting, but of sweat equity in the fitness lifestyle. I know life changing scientific information with that will not only boost confidence but enhance your life as well as everyone around you. The becoming of a new you. I will impart on you life changing mindsets for food and fitness as well as sources of knowledge and people that will forever change your outlook on life. Truly believing In myself and the knowledge I have of health and the human body allow me to forever influence you and affect your life not only by changing your body (that's the easy part) but changing your mood and your mindset about the false limiting beliefs as to why you cant achieve your goals. I am the signal not the noise. Trust. Embrace & let go.

What to Expect

Sweat equity and results in due time. What I enjoy most about the work I do is teaching people exactly what I know and have confidence in and watching their mind, body, and life change. The knowledge I gained over the 10 plus years of pure interest for health and fitness is truly the signal and not the noise of the industry. I guarantee that I will change your body and life with the knowledge I will impart on you that you will carry around with you for the rest of your life. Food is frequency. Its energy. Its contains a vibration and light. You're not only going to look better but feel better. Let me give you what I know, what most trainers are missing.

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