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Hi, my name is Seth. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have been since early 2016. During 2016 and some of 2017 I served as the triathlon club strength trainer at Baylor University. In 2017 I worked as a personal trainer for the department of wellness at Baylor University. During that time, I led F45 group fitness classes. Since mid 2017, I have been doing in-home personal training for various clients. Beyond my personal trainer certification, I have additional formal education in high-performance training for sports through human kinetics.

I have been a personal trainer for nearly three years, but my passion for fitness began much earlier than that. I spent my childhood playing football, baseball, and pretty much any other sport with my brother and dad, and I still love to play some catch when I get the chance. I have significant experience in baseball and cross country, as I participated in these sports at a higher level beyond my childhood. As mentioned above, I have also done training and conditioning for triathletes.

My experience is not limited to athletics. I have trained clients in there low 20's to clients nearly 70 years old and have worked with those with goals of weight-loss, muscle mass gain, athletic performance, and simply healthier lifestyles.
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What to Expect

Each training session will be completely personalized to your needs, current fitness, and goals. We will always try to maximize every part of our workout to meet your goals. If your looking to lose weight, you can probably expect to see sessions involving more circuit training, high repetition exercises, and perhaps some cardio. If you simply want to have less chronic pain, you can expect to have sessions that include band training, light resistance training fitted to your needs, and longer stretching periods. Furthermore, someone looking to gain significant muscle mass can anticipate sessions that focus primarily on resistance training with increasing amounts of weight (resistance) and perhaps some explosive power exercises. Ultimately, IT DEPENDS ON THE PERSON. I currently only do home training sessions. However, do not worry about this being a limiting factor for our workouts. There are still plenty of things we can do. Furthermore, it saves you having to pay extra for a gym membership. I always try to be sensitive to what the client likes/dislikes and is physically able to do. If you really hate a certain exercise, I will do my best to avoid that and replace it with something else. Conversely, if there is certain things you really enjoy, I would love to work them into our exercise routines. I will always take the current level of my client's physical fitness into account when creating a workout. I push my clients to succeed, but try not to push them to the point where they want to quit. I will not necessarily make it easy, but I want it to be enjoyable and sustainable as well. Ultimately, in addition to wanting to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals and create and learn to maintain healthy lifestyles, I want my clients to eventually become "fitness self-sufficient." No one wants to rely on a personal trainer their whole life. I do my best to educate my clients so they are not just meeting their goals, but so that they are learning for themselves how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle when I (or another trainer) are not around.

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