About Grandmaster Soonho Hong
Grand Master Soonho Hong is a Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation certified eighth degree black belt and a world-renowned Grand Master of Taekwondo. He has devoted his life to Taekwondo and its development locally, nationally and internationally. He first began Taekwondo at age 7 in Seoul, South Korea under the instruction of his father, Great Grand Master Chong Soo Hong, in addition to specially training at the Moo Duk Kwan headquarters in Korea. Grand Master Hong founded S.H. Hong Taekwondo Academy and opened his first dojang in the United States in Santa Maria, CA in 1991, his second dojang in Vancouver, WA in 1997, and his current dojang in Santa Maria, CA in in 2011. He has also taught Taekwondo at colleges and for thousands of soldiers in the Korean army.

Raised in the heritage of the Korean art of self-defense, Grand Master has immense wisdom of the tradition and techniques of martial arts. He inspires and guides students and instructors with Korean tradition and encourages them to develop strength of the mind, body, and spirit through Taekwondo. He emphasizes mental as well as physical discipline. Grand Master encourages students to finish whatever they decide to start, and to give one’s 100% effort in all endeavors. As Grand Master always says, “practice like you are testing, and test like you are practicing.”

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