Choosing a Good Krav Maga School
Be warned that as Krav Maga gains in popularity there will be more and more unqualified people claiming to teach authentic Krav Maga. There is a big growth in 2 or 3 day instructor courses, churning out instructors that have no experience or proven training background in Krav Maga. Some Krav Maga instructors are completing close protection courses and teaching close protection drills without having any experience or very little experience. They may have a SIA Close Protection Badge but it still done mean they have any Experience Typically, these instructors will already run martial arts or Self Defence schools and are seeking to add certain security drills to their programme in order to make extra money.

You cannot expect good or even real Krav Maga training from instructors and schools like these. Ask the instructor about his or her creditability and their certification/ Licence. There should be a clear line back to the source of Krav Maga. A credible instructor has years of training experience as well as an 14-24 day instructor qualification process that demanded over 150 hours of tough, Krav Maga training, before they were awarded their certificates.

You wouldn’t learn to swim from someone who had never been in the water.

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