Enrique Muniz was born in Mexico City, Mexico .  A byproduct of a broken home, he sought out martial arts as a way of coping with a negative family environment and as a way to change his life. He started martial arts at age 15 in the Polinesyan Martial Arts. From there he moved on to train at the IMB Academy Mexico City under Guro Jerry Arrechea where he learned Filipino stick/knife fighting, Muay Thai and Jiu jitsu/grappling. There he fell in love with Jiu-Jitsu, which has been his passion and lifestyle ever since.

He has trained at renowned academies such as Alliance, CheckMat, Marcelo Garcia Academy, Gracie Barra, under many Jiu jitsu greats and World Champions.

In  2013, while training at Alliance MN Enrique Muniz received his brown belt. After receiving his brown belt, Enrique continued his training with the Checkmat team.  He is currently a 4 stripe brown belt and trains at M-Theory Martial Arts under Professor Ishmael Bentley of the Pedro Sauer Team.  He has also competed at a high level having won several national and state tournaments.

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