Wellness is a word that we've all been hearing more and more of in conjunction with health and beauty. While the concept of wellness is multi-faceted and can mean different things for different people, the overall focus is on self-improvement within the three tenants of mind, body, and soul, which can encompass health, nutrition, fitness, and spirituality. ​

Taichi Wellness Spa programs are designed to process your stress loads so you can experience the health, balance, and vitality associated with the practice of Taichi. Relaxing the mind and revitalizing the body seems to be what everybody needs nowadays, after a hectic schedule, a busy lifestyle and stressful city living.

If you’re feeling a little run down or merely require some personal pampering, then we’d definitely recommend a visit to our professional spa. Let all our professional staff sweep you off your feet and soothe away the cares of the world! All our therapists are well-trained and have many years' experience. All the products we used are natural, organic and high quality.

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