The volume of life is too high.

In our modern age, we have so many distractions—from smart phones to constant emails at work to constant bombardment of in-your-face infotainment—that life just seems…


How do we turn down the noise? How do we quiet the onslaught of demands for our attention in this technology-driven age?

We get back to basics.

We need to find something that brings us back to the roots of what makes us human.

What makes us who we are.

Nothing I have found in this life provides this better than Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Often called “the art of human chess,” Brazilian jiu jitsu strips away all the distractions of modern life by compelling you to act with only your mind and body. No smart phones, no computers.

No Technology.

It’s just you and other human beings, working together while working against each other—it’s Zen of the purest sense.

It’s the yin and yang of life as we push and pull at the tests put in front of us in order to become stronger and better people.

And it turns the volume down on everything else in our world as we do it.

Many people pay thousands of dollars to therapists in order to learn how to calm their fears or deal with the mounting stress in their ever-chaotic life. They seek out the latest relaxation medication or, worse yet, try to pretend the problem of anxiety doesn’t exist.

Brazilian jiu jitsu confronts these problems for what they are—and accepts them as they are. But it deals with it by putting you in a place where you are your most human.

It does this by combining all the elements of who we are—physical and mental—and challenging them.

Make no mistake—you’re going to sweat. You’re going to get tired.

You will get frustrated.

And you will never feel more rewarded.

You will get in the best physical shape of your life. There is no question about that. But what sets Brazilian jiu jitsu apart from just working out at the gym is what it does for your heart.

And I don’t just mean that thing that pumps blood in your chest—the heart that makes you who you are.

Want to keep feeling like the world is too much? Want to keep ignoring all those things that stress you out? Want to be lazy and in poor physical and mental health?

Then you should probably stay away from Brazilian jiu jitsu.

But if you’re like me and want all of those things to be better, come see us.

Sign up here to find out more, or call our gym.

We look forward to turning the volume in your life down for you.

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