Mr. Espy is an Austin native who began his training in 1991.  He received a second degree black belt  from Grandmaster Wonik Yi.  He went on to earn a third degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and Dan Zan Ryu Jujutsu.  Beginning in 1995, he studied under Sigung Hasting K. Albo, founder of Mo Min Kuen and Tensai Jujutsu martial arts systems, as well as Head Master of Linkuei, Albo Kali Silat and a Chinese Monkey Boxing style.  Before his death in 2008, Sigung Albo gave Mr. Espy permission to incorporate much of his teachings into the Pyon Moo Do curriculum.

Mr. Espy’s most recent training has been in Hwa Rang Do under Kwan Jang Nim Ken Corona of Phoenix, AZ.  He currently holds the rank of fourth degree black belt with Master Corona.

All of this training has been supplemented with traditional and modern weaponry training, as well as study of MMA and grappling arts like Brazilian Jujistu as part of Mr. Espy’s effort to translate traditional arts into application for a modern context.

Additionally, Mr. Espy has extensive experience in “internal” arts.  He has studied meditation and Ip Sun (Koren Tai Chi) since 1991, received the level of Master in Reiki from Sigung Albo in 2000, and certification in Tuina (Chinese medical massage) and medical Qigong in 2004.  He has studied Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong (Qigong) and Yang style Taiji under Master Li Jun Feng and Chen style Taiji under Dr. Yuxia Qiu.  He has also done graduate-level study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mr. Espy is an avid student who constantly seeks to improve himself as a teacher through the study of healing and wellness, psychology, social dynamics, religion and spirituality.  He approaches his students with a wisdom born of over two-decades teaching experience and academic research, and a sense of humor born of appreciating the absurd.

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