We are Denver’s premier kickboxing studio committed to getting you into fighting shape like never before. HAVE FUN! GET FIT! BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD!

ICKBOXING (Bag workout) is an intense fat burning workout that unifies elements of martial arts and boxing techniques. Using boxing gloves, striking a bag, high-intensity interval rounds, plyometrics and partners drills. Tran’s Kickboxing classes will empower you to get lean, strong and confident.

KICKBOXING IMPACT (Kick, punch to music w/bag) is the absolute best kickboxing class in Denver. Kickboxing Impact is a kick, punch, strike to the beat of the music (using gloves and bags). Combining amazing kickboxing techniques with aerobics and martial arts to give you an exhilarating workout that will blast your fat and tone every inch of your body.

KICKBOXING CARDIO Is a high energy and motivating class incorporating punches and kicks put to the beat of the music. From shoulders to calves you will become lean and strong. You’ll tighten, tone and firm your body while increasing your self-confidence and reducing your stress levels.

KRAV MAGA/KICKBOXING (Self-Defense) is a self-defense class with aerobic benefits. Krav Maga will teach you how to apply your kickboxing techniques for real life self-defense. Not only will you get the cardio and toning benefits from kickboxing but you will also strengthen your body, sharpen your mind and boost your confidence by learning how to safely defend and escape from various attacks, grabs, holds, and dangerous positions. Have Fun, Get Fit and Be Your Own Bodyguard!

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