UFC- Ultimate Fitness Club "Where Champions Are Made"

“We are not associated with the official UFC ultimate fighting championship”

UFC is first of it's kind in bradford, a gym built for all those who want to train in a comfortable enviroment whilst enjoying thier workout, a gym built on customer satisfication a gym for all as well as fighters and new comers in Boxing and MMA.

A wide selection of Upper Strength Machines, Cardio Machines, Leg Machines a boxing facility and a MMA Combat room with a 15x15x7ft height Octagon Cage, wide range of Sparring equipment Inc Head and Body Gear, Grappling Dummies, Sparring Dummies, Win-Chun Wooden Sparring Dummy, Grappling Area, Padded Walls, Punch & Kick Sheilds, Punch & Kick Bags,

3.000 KG in Loose weights, 2000KG in Dumbells (Official Olympic weights) Official 20KG Olympic Bars, 7 Benches including 2 Smith Machines, Mirrors on ceilings on all bench Machines.. Panatta Sport Chest, Shoulder and Back Machines 2 cross overs, Locker/Changing Room,Showers, Sauna and Steam Room, Personal Lockers with keys, Towel Service, Cold drinks and Fresh Protein Milshakes 25g or 50g also pre-workout supplements avaliable..

Regular Fee:
1 Month - £20
3 Months - £55
6 Months - £105
12 Months - £200
Senior (Over 50) - £15 (Per month)
Single Session £3.50

Terms & Conditions @ UFC..

You MUST at all times put weights and bars back on the racks provided after you have used them.

Do not leave any loose weight or attachments on the floor, please use the racks provided.

Bad Language will not be tolerated inside the gym.

Be polite and well mannered to all.

Talk to management with respect, and we will show respect back.

Any misuse of the equipment will result in your membership being revoked and you will be banned from using UFC gym without a refund.

NO shaving what so ever is allowed at UFC.

Slippers must be worn at all times when in the shower area, you also must dry yourself in the shower cubical before stepping out of the shower.

For all rubbish please use the bins provided in the gym, do not leave them lying around.

If you have any problems in this gym with another customer, please talk to management.

No jeans Allowed.

No Salwar Kameez Allowed.

No under 16's

Membership should be paid on time or you will be refused entry.

UFC Ultimate Fitness Club are not liable for any Death, Injury or theft of any personal belongings whiles using UFC Ultimate Fitness Club facilities.
We have the right to refuse entry, and the right to cancel any membership without refund if you do not follow any of the rules set by UFC.

UFC Management have the right to refuse entry..

CEO/Company Directors :
Mohammed-Adeel Ali Ghaffer
Mohammed Asif Ramzan

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